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Images from April, May, June and July 2020.

I have lived almost four months on the island. Here is a selection of the photos so far.

All images can be used for promoting the - project.

Pasi Markkanen

Swan's yoga moment.
Rain cloud colored by the setting sun.
Morning light shining through the foggy forest.
Sporangium of a moss in closeup photo.
A colorful moment after the sunset.
Archipelago sheep and the full moon.
Storm approaching.
A windy evening.
A view from the sea after the sunset.
Beach rocks and the sunset view.
Eurasian oystercatcher ignoring the hail storm.
The texture of the sea.
A swan swimming by the setting sun.
Weed siluette.
The photographer enjoying sunset.
Squarrel carrying building material for it's nest.
A closeup of a swan.
Waves hitting the rocks and lit by the sun.
Bird cherry and the sea.
Sea view from the rowing boat.
A feather.
Rising sun colored the fog in the morning.
Trees and branches on the beach.
Last view of the night.

I take photos every day and donate the best 100 photos for the use of nature conservation.

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