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Swan's yoga moment.

A former Finland Image Bank photographer is living and photographing a year on an island. After the project, he will donate the best 100 images for use in nature conservation.

Pasi Markkanen will be documenting the archipelago’s nature and pondering more natural ways of living as a full-time job and as a way of life.

There is no tap water, sewer or much other occupation unrelated to nature. He lives with minimal resources revering his natural surroundings.

"On average, a Finn consumes 140 litres (37 gallons) of fresh water a day. While living on the island, I've used approximately two litres (0.5 gallons) a day. When you carry the water along the road, bring it through the forest and across the sea with a rowing boat, you develop a special respect for it and won't take it for granted anymore."

The main goal of the project is to produce high-quality images for nature conservation. The project promotes a more natural way of living that minimizes one's carbon footprint.

Markkanen has been living and photographing on the island since the 3rd of April, gaining over 100 000 views on Instagram. His first nature video has reached over 40 000 people on Facebook.

The project is being crowdfunded. All the profits are marked for the project itself. The most important thing for Markkanen is being able to spend his days doing what he is best at - promoting the value of nature and sharing beautiful photos and stories.

For more information and interview requests contact Pasi Markkanen
p. +358 44 301 3030

Articles in media:

Östnyland Summer magazine (In swedish, paywalled)

Itäväylä (in finnish)

MTVuutiset (in finnish)

Please consider supporting the project and helping me to dedicate my life for nature conservation. Link to my patreon page.

All images can be used for promoting the - project.

A rain cloud colored by the setting sun.

Morning light shining through a foggy forest.

Storm approaching.
Archipelago sheep and the full moon.

A sea view from my rowing boat.

Sporangium of a moss in closeup photo.

A colorful moment after the sunset.

Photographer Pasi Markkanen enjoying the archipelago nature.

Photographer Pasi Markkanen surrounded by the nature.

Nature documentary about the island:

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